Metals Collection

Introducing the Chic Revamp of the Classic Wrist Glam for Your Hair Bands!

We are excited to announce the LIMITED release of our Metals Collection, a line of hairbanglez that sparkle and shine, and are sure to adorn any look with a timeless edge.

The Metals Collection includes a selection of hairbanglez in Shiny Gold, Brushed Gold, Brushed Silver and Brushed Copper, providing fhinishes for any woman’s taste. The beauty staple looks great alone or paired with all your other favorite bracelets, giving a perk of glitz and glam to your look, as well matching partners for your signature metal watches and other precious metal jewelry.

Like the Original hairbanglez and Sporty Collection, each hairbangle in the Metals Collection has a patent-pending, perfectly spaced scalloped indents to provide easy access of the hair elastic from the channel. 

*Please note that these banglez run smaller than the Original plastic and Sporty Collections!  We welcome returns in the first 14 days if they don't fit!