Our Mission

We want to change the way women wear hair ties. Not just because wearing a hair tie leaves a red mark
or may be less than fashionable but because every bit of YOU matters. One little “upgrade” in any part
of your life can make your day but a lot of little changes combined can change your life.
Now, we know we aren’t changing lives with hair tie holders but we hope to do our part however we can.
So keep upgrading and taking care of yourselves ladies, you are so worth it!
At HairBanglez we believe in making the best out of every situation.


Here are a few mottos we live by:
1. Everyday may not be a dream but keep dreaming everyday

2. Work and life are meant to work together, create a life you don’t need a vacation from.

3. Most importantly, when life throws you ugly hair ties make pretty bracelets out of them.