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**hairbanglez made its' National Television debut on the Today Show with Hoda and Kathie Lee on May 7th, 2012 during "Jill's Fashion Emergency"....Hoda even said "smartest invention in the world...the wheel, fire and then this!"** – hairbanglez
Recently, I became familiar with a cute new product fun for both mothers and daughters. Hairbanglez are mom-made bracelets solving a serious beauty issue for women and girls... read more – Trend Alert: Bracelets that hold your hair elastics
Almost every woman never leaves the house with one accessory: a hair elastic wrapped around her wrist. When you’re having a bad hair day or just need to put it up for convenience, that elastic on your wrist is indispensable... read more
Thrifty & Chic Mom – Hide your hairband with hairbanglez
I have the perfect little gift for your tween or teen girl, Hairbanglez! Hairbanglez are bangle bracelets made to hide your hairband and eliminate those unsightly red marks on the wrist... read more – Trick to hide your hair elastic: with a bangle
The fashion world has just released a cool accessory that you are going to love so much. The girls and I are always needing a hair tie so like everyone else in the country... read more – A fashionable way to wear hair ties
I’ve been wearing hairbanglez on and off for a week or so and I love them...
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Tie It: Hair Banglez, to easily put your hair up and down again without the hassle of elastic bands... read more
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Store this one in the why-didn't-I-think-of-that hair files: a Connecticut woman has come up with a way to make wearing hair elastics all the more... read more
"Hairbanglez"– a line of bangles that hold and hide your hairties—are so brilliant that we'll forgive the name... read more
The Beauty Brains
Hairbanglez ( is a brand new product launching this month (January 2012). Here’s the scoop... read more
Yahoo! Shine — Genius or Gimmick?
There are few beauty predicaments worse than getting stuck without a hair band when you need to pull your hair back. (Right?!)... read more